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Aaron Otheim has taught music professionally for over fifteen years and has played piano and composed music for twice that. Growing up in evergreen-speckled Bremerton, Washington, Aaron’s roots in classical piano have supported a diverse musical career as performer and recording artist primarily in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Aaron studied piano with Dr. Irene Bowling through high school and entered University of Washington as a classical performance major under the instruction of Craig Sheppard. Feeling compelled to create and collaborate, Aaron shifted his concentration to jazz studies, studying with Marc Seales and Cuong Vu.

After college, Aaron gravitated toward Seattle's verdant underground rock scene, known for its genre bending and briny experimentalism. With fellow UW alum, he co-founded avant-pop band Heatwarmer as well as The Racer Sessions, a weekly workshop centered on group improvisation and exploratory music. 

Over the years, Aaron has developed an innovative presence as keyboardist and composer, both on tour and in the recording studio. His ability to work with many types of artists has led to an eclectic discography and audiences in punk rock, musical theatre, and modern dance.

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