Department of Harmony Presents

Fourth Quarter

Upcoming Events

Dec 2 — Jake Hawrylak, Niika 
Dec 3 — Alec Harryhausen Record Release w/Sam Vicari

Dec 9 — Weathering, Montgomery & Turner, Honestly Same

Dec 10 — Hanna Frances, Butch Bastard
Dec 16 — Rebecca El-Saleh & Barry Paul Clark


Oct 7 — Ryan Packard, Ro Lundberg, Lia Kohl

Oct 22 — Jade + Andrew CS, Daniel Wyche, Zander Raymond

Oct 29 — Zacy's, Shelby Turner, Fine Dining

Nov 12 — Lava Gulls, Mary Mary, Dorothy Carlos

Nov 21 — Macie Stewart + Helen Gillet

Nov 26 — Tessa Hunter, Nathan Roseboom, Henry Geraghty


Please use the back alley entrance—here's how to find it:

  1. Via Gangway: Go through the gate on the left/south side of the building. Proceed all the way down the gangway to the alley, turn to your right, and enter through the alley entrance.

  2. Via Alley: If you are walking toward Maplewood on Palmer, you can continue past Maplewood where Palmer becomes an alley, which tees off with another alley. Turn right at the tee-off, and look for a brick building with glass block windows.

Transportation & Parking

Department of Harmony is a 5-10 minute walk from the California or Western Blue Line stations, as well as the Milwaukee, Western, and Fullerton busses.


Most of the local parking is permit-only after 6pm except for parts of Campbell Ave, Belden Ave, and Rockwell St. Visit Chicago Residential Parking Zones to scope it out.

Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 12.22.14 PM.png

Accessibility & Outdoor Space

Unfortunately, the space is not ADA accessible due to some steps, narrow hallway, and an undersized restroom.


Feel free to enjoy the outdoors along the back of the building by the alley entrance. 

Parking & Transportation

Your best bet for permit-free parking is along Campbell Ave, just a block east of Maplewood Ave.

The space is a 10 minute walk from the Blue Line California stop.