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Fourth Quarter Series

Fourth Quarter was a short-run music series hosted by Department of Harmony from October to December 2022 featuring a total of forty-four musicians over the course of eleven shows.

Past Events


OCT 22

OCT 29

NOV 12

NOV 21

NOV 26



DEC 9 

DEC 19

DEC 16

Ryan Packard, Ro Lundberg, Lia Kohl

Jade + Andrew CS, Daniel Wyche, Zander Raymond

Zacy's, Shelby Turner, Fine Dining

Lava Gulls, Mary Mary, Dorothy Carlos

Macie Stewart + Helen Gillet

Tessa Hunter, Nathan Roseboom, Henry Geraghty

Jake Hawrylak, Niika 

Alec Harryhausen Record Release w/Sam Vicari

Weathering, Montgomery & Turner, Honestly Same

Hanna Frances, Butch Bastard, Hemlock, Michael Albert
RBKE & Barry Paul Clark, Leash, Raquel Gonzalez

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