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Chicago Studio

In-person lessons take place at my private studio  in Chicago located between Logan Square and Bucktown. 

The studio features a Kawai KG-2C grand piano as well as a music production station with several keyboards.

Students, parents, and other guests are welcome to wait or observe in the studio's seating area, and there are a number of cafes, restaurants, and other shops within walking distance.

Online Studio

After teaching nearly 30 students a week online for the last two years, I am continually amazed by the effectiveness and value that virtual lessons provide. 

The exact online lesson setup we use will depend on age, course of study, and available tech. I like to keep things simple and can make recommendations on how to optimize your experience.


Our Virtual Learning Tools

All weekly students (both in-person and online) receive a subscription to Musico, a stellar music education platform that functions as an assignment notebook, sheet music player, composition tool, and whiteboard.

I also incorporate Soundslice, Musescore, Bandlab, and other free learning platforms, depending on our course of study.

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Screen Time

With all the screens in our lives right now, it's important to unplug. To me, there is no replacement for a beautiful print edition of classical music or being able to write out musical thoughts by hand, which is why books, printable sheets, and other "analog" materials are still part of the lesson ecosystem at Department of Harmony.

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