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The Department of Harmony radio hour airs every second Saturday at 10am Central on Beloved Radio

Past Mixes

January 2023

Videodisc - Trevor Bastow

Tombola 94 - Dina Ögon

Tantalum - Jacob Mann

Airport - Adrian Knight

My Brother Woody - The Free Design

Portofino #1 - Raymond Scott

Obsidian Lizard - Mega Bog

At the Store - Ernest Hood

I’m Dancing - Shabason & Krgovich

Dialogando - Alessandro Alessandroni

I Need Your Love to Carry On - AIR feat. Googie

La Puerta - Frankie Reyes

Space Bar (In Color) - Jay Israelson

Altogether Alone - Hirth Martinez

In Mind - The Sweet Enoughs

Prelude in A Minor (Ravel) - Aaron Otheim

A- - Luke Bergman

Seaside Weekend - Isabelle Antena

L’Ile neu - Hikaru Hiyashi

Come And Play In the Milky Night - Stereolab

Heartburn Waltz - Vince Guaraldi

Evening Sun - Pearl & The Oysters

Videodisc - Trevor Bastow

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